20 stick pouch – New 7 Africanas Powers is what the pouch says, but it’s from India, so give them a break. Seven African Powers is what they meant. 😉

According to the Church of Santeria, the Seven African Powers are spirits of the dead that originate from the seven African tribes that were forced into slavery in Cuba. Those tribes include Congo, Takua, Yorbua, Kissi, Calabari, Arara and Mandika.

An individual with a connection to one of these tribes will have a have spirit guide from each of the tribes, with one guide leading the other six. Strong relationships with the leader allow the individual to call upon all seven of the guides for help. They can be called upon for difficult times, developing spiritually and other personal development needs.

To call upon them, individuals light seven different colored candles. Then, they tie bundles of cloth or handkerchiefs of the seven different colors together. Swinging the bundle over the individuals head and calling for help completes the process.

The Seven African Powers are also sometimes associated with seven saints from the Catholic religion. They occasionally blend with the Orishas as well. Orishas are demi-Gods who have been assigned to watch over humanity by Olodumare, the creator of the universe. Each Orisha has control over a particular aspect of nature. Olodumare has moved on to create other universes, so the Santeria Church focuses on worshiping the Orishas. The Orishas are not the same as the Seven African Powers.

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