Hybrid Elephant
P.O. Box 21
Hobart, WA 98025

Hybrid Elephant makes occasional appearances at the Fremont Sunday Market. Ask us for more details.

PLEASE NOTE: This contact form is solely for the use of Hybrid Elephant customers who need to get in contact with us. And, yes, actual customers actually do use this form to contact us on a regular basis. However, every message that is sent with this form includes a unique IP address in the header, which identifies the computer from which the message was sent. If you use this form to spam us (sending UCE using “publicly accessible” contact forms is still spam, and it’s still illegal), all you will accomplish is to put the range of IP addresses that your computer uses to connect to Hybrid Elephant, on the list of IP addresses which are PERMANENTLY BANNED from accessing Hybrid Elephant for any reason. Please DO NOT USE THIS FORM to send us advertisements or solicitations. It WILL NOT WORK! You have been warned!