2″ square, this is the Swastika that history remembers as the symbol that represents love, life, luck and light. Original design by Darren Hartas. I like the way ManWoman puts it: “Think of the most sacred thing in your life, think of the most precious thing, and put the Swastika into that place. Put the Swastika into your heart. Put the Swastika on your altar. Put the Swastika on the image you use to represent God, love, peace, or the cosmos. Put the Swastika on the thing that makes you happy. You will begin to see what the Swastika has meant to humans over this entire planet for all of our human history. For these places are exactly the places it occupied for thousands of years until the second world war, when it fell victim to a chronic infection.”

This is NOT an indication that I am a supporter of the cause of nazis or “white-supremacists”, in any way, in fact, it is quite the opposite. If you are offended by the Swastika in any form, try thinking of it this way: I am actually getting back at the nazis for all of their atrocities by using a symbol that represents them in the opposite way, as an image of peace. I encourage everyone to do so, because prior to about 90 years ago, the Swastika was an image of peace.

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