20 stick box.

Aparajita is one of the incenses that caused me to want to go into the business of selling incense, 30 years ago. It is fairly difficult to find in the west (some rubbish about having a smell that is “too medicinal”), but apparently is fairly common in India.

Aparajita is the characteristic incense used by the devotees of George Harrison and Ravi Shankar, and is tremendously popular, despite the aforementioned rubbish opinions of most of the suppliers in the United States. It is a wonderfully complex fragrance, comprised of Agar (Aloeswood), the fundamental fragrance of “Agar-Bathi” or “Incense Sticks”, plus Sandalwood, Benzoin, Clove, Plant Musk and Amber. High rated, one of our best sellers, this incense is not to be missed.

Take note, Mavana, the manufacturer of Aparajita, has redesigned the graphics on their box. The incense inside is still exactly the same incense, just the box has changed. The old box is in the gallery, for comparison.